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Weekly music services

Radio Exclusive distributes music that meets the specific needs of radio broadcasters.

Every week we release the best new music from the most important music markets. The music service is produced by music industry professionals using the latest airplay & sales charts and the most important playlists in the industry so you can focus more on running your broadcasting business.

The service is available to licensed radio broadcasters. Whether you are an internet radio or a terrestrial radio station, the weekly music service by Radio Exclusive will keep your station up-to-date with the latest music.

The weekly radio station music service is delivered over the Internet. The music can be streamed or downloaded as high quality audio, ready for immediate playout or scheduled into your music scheduling software.

Europe Exclusive, weekly music service for radio stations

Europe Exclusive

Europe Exclusive is Radio Exclusive's best-selling service featuring all the hits emerging in the UK and the rest of Europe. It covers a variety of hit music genres including Top 40, Urban, Dance, Adult Contemporary, Rock, Grime, and features imports, remixes, radio edits, single edits, and UK only releases. See this week's releases.

America Exclusive, weekly music service for radio stations

America Exclusive

Features all of the hottest new releases coming from the USA. It includes all genres and formats from Adult Contemporary (A/C), Top 40/Hit, Urban, Soul, Dance to Hip-Hop, Rock, and some cross-over country music. It is suitable for a large variety of radio stations - including those specializing in a particular format. The service covers all of the Billboard™ chart hits. See this week's releases.

Brand New Exclusive, weekly music service for radio stations

Brand New Exclusive

Brand New Exclusive features new artists from the mainland European charts. It features all the tracks that take longer to reach the UK market, with particular focus on France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland. Covers all popular formats including Top 40, Urban, Eurodance and Rock. See this week's releases.

Dance Exclusive, weekly music service for radio stations

Dance Exclusive

Dance Exclusive is the ultimate CD compilation that has all the club and radio hits in multiple sub-genres: Dance, House, Tropical House, Eurodance, EDM, Drum & Bass. It includes both radio edits and extended mixes. The service is a must have for radio stations and DJs playing club and dance music.

Latino Exclusive, weekly music service for radio stations

Latino Exclusive

Latino Exclusive features latin music topping the charts everywhere. Covers the best collection of the latest releases from Miami, Latin America and Spain. Covers all the popular latin formats including bolero and salsa.

Bespoke music service for radio stations

Bespoke services

Unable to find a match for your station? We are able to provide a customized service for your radio station in a specialized format. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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