Radio station music libraries

Supplier of music materials to support programmes being broadcast or recorded

Radio station music libraries

Broadcast music libraries for radio stations

Radio Exclusive offers high-quality pre-packaged music libraries produced for professional broadcasters.

Songs are ready to play and include an Excel file with your songlist, making it easy to import to your radio station music library software. They are covering multiple formats to fit every stations programming style.

The songs are provided as uncompressed WAV audio files and can be accessed via a secure internet portal, or can be shipped on a hard drive or USB drive to your location. They are bundled with a catalogue file making library search easy.

Radio Exclusive's music libraries are available terrestrial and internet radio stations with valid music industry licenses.

60s Gold music library

60s Gold record library

Music collection containing over 800 titles covering the most important music from the 60s.

70s Gold music library

70s Gold record library

Music collection containing 800 titles covering the most important music from the 70s.

80s Gold music library

80s Gold record library

Music collection covering over 900 titles containing the most important music in the 80s.

90s Gold music library

90s Gold record library

The 90s Gold library project contains 700 of the most important titles of the 90s.

Bespoke music library for radio stations

Bespoke record library

Unable to find a match for your station or would you rather pick and mix the pre-packaged libraries? We are able to provide a customized music library for your radio station in a specialized format. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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