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Music royalties

Radio royalties: Do radio stations buy the rights of the music they play?

There are thousands of radio stations in the world now, each playing hundreds of songs every single day. Keeping track of who played what and when and distributing royalties to that schedule can be a daunting experience.


Tue Jan 11, 2022

A music tape

Royalty free music for your radio station

Royalty-free music is a popular choice for new radio stations. In most cases royalty-free music is free to download too. With no broadcast licensing involved, no royalty fees and no purchasing fees, it’s an excellent choice for any new radio station startup.


Thu Dec 30, 2021

A broadcast mixer in a radio station

Broadcast music libraries: All the music you will ever need for your radio station

What are music libraries for radio stations? Music libraries are collections of music tracks specifically designed for broadcasting on radio stations.


Mon Dec 27, 2021

A broadcast mixer in a radio station

How to submit music to radio stations

Starting a career in music today is more difficult than ever. With so many subscription-based Internet platforms competing for listener’s attention, it’s difficult for new artists to stand out from the crowd.


Thu Dec 9, 2021

A broadcast mixer in a radio station

Where do radio stations get their music?

Is your station playing popular international music? Sourcing everything locally is not always easy. Big labels and artists can’t reach out to all but the most important global media brands, leaving out smaller stations.


Wed Dec 8, 2021