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Weekly music service

Radio Exclusive distributes music that meets the specific needs of radio broadcasters.

Every Monday we release the best new music from the most important music markets. Our producers use the latest airplay & sales charts, track the most important playlists in the industry and keep a close eye on the latest trends in the most important markets enabling you to focus more on running your broadcasting business.

We will keep your radio station's music up-to-date and ahead of your competition.

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Music libraries

Radio Exclusive music libraries deliver the most popular songs for each decade according to their music & media charts performance.

The records are freshly re-mastered from the best source material available anywhere and delivered with liner notes in high quality WAV format. Contact our team to order one of our ready made sets or compile your own.

Weekly music service illustration

Radio airplay monitoring

Radio Exclusive offers airplay monitoring covering all major markets.

We collect and aggregate airplay information for radio, music and the media industry.

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